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Check us out on Tasting Room Radio with Terry David Mulligan. Click on the image below to listen to the interview.

Link to Tasting Room Radio website's interview with Coyotes January 25, 2012

Top Pick for Lonely Planet:

Image of website header"Coyote's is best at lunchtime when you can bunk off hiking and choose a treat from the deli and grill menu inflected with a strong southwestern slant. Perch on a stool and listen to the behind-the-bar banter as you order up flatbreads, seafood cakes, quesadillas or some interesting soups (try the sweet potato and corn chowder). "
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Yahoo Travel says:

"This tiny restaurant is one of Banff's most highly regarded casual eateries. Casual Coyote's focus is Southwestern cuisine, and the decor obliges with Arizona-style prints adorning the walls. The breakfast menu offers the expected egg and toast dishes including huevos rancheros, while sandwiches and corn-crusted pizzas are featured at lunchtime. The dinner menu serves a variety of meat, chicken and fish entrees, such as Rack of Lamb Zinfandel and Blue Corn Chicken, along with calzones, pizzas and pastas. Coyote's has an impressive wine list and a full bar." says:

"One of the few places in Banff where you can find lighter, healthier food, Coyote's is an attractive bistro like restaurant with excellent contemporary Southwestern cuisine. There's a broad selection of vegetarian dishes, as well as fresh fish, grilled meats, and multiethnic dishes prepared with an eye to spices and full flavors. There's also a deli, where you can get the makings for a picnic and head to the park. This is a very popular place, so go early or make reservations if you don't want to stand in line."

Vlad's Gonzo Food Blog says:

"A favorite spot for vegetarians, and with good reason: Coyotes is one of the few places in town where you'll find more than the standard one or two options, but rather a broad array, like a spicy black bean burrito or a southwestern polenta with ratatouille. But there's something for everybody here, including a healthy baked salmon and grilled meats. The in-house deli will also prepare picnic lunches for you to take on your outdoor excursions. Coyotes is popular, so make a reservation."